Welcome to the My Spiritual notebook website. About our website

My Spiritual Notebook is a  spiritual website. This website is about balancing mind body soul and growing spirituality in our day to day life. How to live a smooth relax happy life consistently .This is about how to take care daily habits to improve our life , mistakes while manifesting our desires and how easily we manifest our desires. how our daily behavior effect our life. what is  laws of karma and how it works. Affirmations and gratitude effect. About women and self love. About twinflame  life and different facts related and about soul.

This is the beginning phase of our site, you will see a lot of changes on this website. By which you will get more convenience by visiting our website. If you have any any problems with our website anytime, then you can inform us by mailing us at myspiritualnotebook@gmail.com. Apart from this if you have any other suggestions you are always welcome.

This site have not intention to hurt anyone feelings or religious morals. Here we are sharing  only our perception point of view on any topic published on this site. If anyone feels like this then take it to only our point of perception nothing else and , forget and forgive us.

We all are one, souls on earth doing our work according to our thinking and belief system pattern, child of greatest almighty God.

Hope you come again and again to joining us.