Twinflame: “A Journey of meeting with self”


Who is Twinflame?

A Twinflame is two halves of one soul or you can say one soul in two bodies.

But, It is not such a easy concept of understanding as seen. It is at much deeper level. People who are in twinflame journey  understand this. But one can gain knowledge about this if interest in it.
People mostly confuse between twinflame and karmic relationship as in both relation some lesson has to be learned , to solve  karma left of past life of one twin partner or both twin. But if you learn this karma in abusive way, this can be karmic relationships. Interestingly, Most time it is seen that people are unaware about their relationships until they learn their karma that he or she is in karmic relationships.

 Also in twinflames when runner chaser phase goes on some think that they are in abusive relationship as anyone or both may alternatively run away from commitment. On other hand, true soulmates are very happy relationships. Yet problems there also but good time  always more than bad moments. Here people are likely interested to commit and relations based on equal give and take.

What is a Twin partner running and chasing game?

Twin partners help learn lessons to each other knowingly or unknowingly. All have different journeys so it’s not necessary that the same facts go well for all.
 That is what I experienced. Runner always try to run away from relationships as fear, anger, ego, self boundaries, commitment issues and many other issues. It is not easy for runners to accept that relationship without working on their issues. The chaser always tries to chase others. 

It may be possible that the chaser is unable to know why he or she chases others. It is due to deep down love between them. It is a magnetic pull that makes one unable to stop chasing. The chaser may have some less issues or may it be possible at the time of chasing he or she is feeling more confident as unconsciously at soul level he or she knows that others is mine only. 
 It can not strictly be that the chaser is always the chaser and the runner is always the runner, the role can be changed also so everyone has a different journey and different experience.

How twinflames help each other in resolving karmas?

Twinflame is two bodies and one soul. One half is DM i.e. divine masculine and other is DF i.e. divine feminine. When one partner chases while the other runs. Both triggers due to one other behavior. Throughout this running and chasing they work on their issues knowingly or unknowingly.

 DF learn self love and self worth while DM work on their fear and ego related issues. It also possible one partner triggers other so that other overcome their karmas then other go for solving their karmas in a karmic world or it may possible both trigger by their past life karmic partner .

Mainly DMs solve karmic pattern issues and are connected to the karmic world more while DF is connected to a more spiritual world.      

What happens when twinflame in separation?

you have to “LEARN LESSONS” by solving karmas – learn to destroy their ego, the value of self worth and what you have past karma you have to resolve it if you in any journey or not, You have to do “INNER WORK” like chakras healing, meditation, cord cutting and other so that you heal yourself from wounds and traumas and live a best life.

What is Twinflame union in 3d and 5d?

Since twinflame are  single souls in two body they are always in union on soul level.
In 3d or physical union which is marriage , may be possible or not. It depends on what contract you have been signed in heaven.
When twinflame meet they find magnetic pull towards each other.
They fall in love with each other but as fear issues come one runs away from the relationship while the other chases. At some point  they accept each other and not run away. 
Another concept is “Soul merging“. It takes place on soul level in  twinflames.  Soul merging occurs at a very  high vibrational stage in 5th dimension or soul level. 

How is the feeling of twinflame soul merging?

Twinflame merging is an  awesome experience. One feels fulfilled and complete on an inner level. You feel your twin inside you. Before always, there was a feeling of some emptiness according to my experience. It feels like no such feeling of desperate energy for your twin is remains . Like yourself ,your DM and DF both. You love you more than ever. More confident than ever before. No more searching is left for your twin. Your mood has become better than before. You feel more concentrated at your work. This feeling is more for 3 to 4 days. 

What is the life purpose of Twinflame?

Both partners have individual life purpose as well as together divine life purpose also which to be fulfilled after reunion. They may have to serve humanity or maybe they are role models for future generations. 

They have to do a certain work for society or may guide people in their path. 

Which type of relationship is Twinflame?

It may or may not romantic relationship. Struggles vary relation to relation. The pull is magnetic as one soul in two body. First when they met unawaken their experience different then after awakening. At start love is full of romance called “BUBBLE PHASE” then struggles in runner chaser period. After these acceptance of each other. At divine timing reunion occur and divine life purpose is reveal towards them to fulfill. Marriage may happen or not. 
One cannot compare twinflame and soulmate which is better as both relations are different.

What happens when first meet with a twinflame?

People experience different feelings when first met and see in their twin eyes. It feels like both are stuck for a moment and forget all the world around them. It may not happen one time ,it may how many times you see in your twin’s eye for every every meeting you just lost in them as he or she is your own other half. Afterward you may feel desperate to see him or her again at least one time, talk one time may want to be friends. you just feel he or she will understand you very well then any. you feel great love for others and knowing from past life. you may think he or she is one whom you are waiting for in your life for romance and feel a strong bond. Life is changed by the time you just met them. 

How I know i am in Twinflame journey?

I think only some signs don’t finalize about this. It only depends on you as all people may have different experiences on their journey. But one sign is sure if God choose you in this journey then you know it surely when God wants you to know. But some signs that you check…… feel to be with them as friend or romantic partner from the point you met them. feel to see or talk at least once again.
3.your expectation from them is so high. feel a strong connection with them. feel you have a past life strong bond. may get lost in each other’s eyes.
7.To living your life with him or her is a dream.
8.Before you meet , you feel like something in your life is missing. But its probability is less.
9.your  observation towards life is changing day by day. May your struggle time start or  may move towards a good phase of your life . unable to stop thinking of them. feel their emotions telepathically.

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