Definition of Spirituality :Door to GOD

What is Spirituality ???

Spirituality means connection to inner self i.e. spirit.

According to Bible :Spirituality 

We enjoy and experience God and  their Love through our spirit. The spirit is the only way to connect with God . Also we can only use our spirit if we believe in God. 

You can also hear about souls. People may confuse between soul and spirit.

According to Bible ;

The soul is basically our emotions, our willpower and our mind means Soul is the source of our expressions as Human beings.

  In a clear way we can divide us in three parts.  

 The body is the outer followed by the soul and the spirit is the core. The body we all know is what we see first when we see anyone through our naked eyes. We express our love to God and pave the way through our soul and we magnify His power and presence through our soul.

We express and experience it i.e. love fully through our spirit. One is spiritual means one is connected to his spirit and have deeper connection with  God. 

Experiences in Spirituality ???

If you connected to your spirit or say “spirituality “then these you may experiences-

  • feeling or belief that there is something greater than myself.  
  •  Beyond our existence which is seen, knowing that we have something innermost which connects to us with unseen energy.          
  •  Feeling of love, compassion, kindness towards all living.
  • You feel connected to nature, meditation.
  • You feel more connected to God.
  • You move to improve yourself and make you a good being.  

     Changes in life after spiritual

            As you become more spiritual   

  • you operate from the soul means no ego (anger. grief, lie, resentment, betrayal, irritation, competition, shame, fear, desire, guilt etc… these low levels of consciousness).you leave slowly and slowly these all.
  • you search for a better life and value personal growth and fulfillment as spirituality means work on becoming a better individual as human.
  • you become optimistic and hopeful for life.
  • your thinking process changes to a better level.
  • One understands unity consciousness means all are one on earth ,a child of the greatest almighty God.
  • Think of social help so that humanity grows at broad a level.
  • One’s stress relieves and find peace from within.
  • your life is meaningful.
  • Happiness and Contentment is now part of your life. 
  • you are interested in physical fitness ,yoga, meditation.
  • Experience better confidence, self control and self esteem.
  • Gives inner strength and positivity.
  • And many more.

How to practice spirituality??

  • Meditation                                                 

Simply sit in a comfortable position preferably in sukhasana and see your breath. Any time in an empty stomach.

  • Prayer

pray to your God, chant mantras or rituals .

  • Gratefulness

Being grateful for what you have, for every small blessing, every breath, thanks to god.

  • Read spiritual books

read books that help you to grow in life, to be a  better version of yourself.

  • Find a spiritual group

Make a circle of people that helps one another to learn good habits or follow spiritual people.

  • Follow spirituality in day to day life.

like help people, do your duty well, enjoy your life, search for purpose in your life and make it meaningful, never indulge in bad activities, follow your rituals…

  • Follow passion in your life

do what you find interest in.

  • Always follow a right path

No use shortcuts and addicted to unhealthy patterns of earning money, doing jobs etc.


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