How to be happy in life :Self love is important


What is Self Love ?

Self love is a very beautiful thing. When you are in love with yourself needn’t company of others to enjoy. Life is self becoming fulfilling for you.

God makes a very beautiful thing between us that is we all love each other may we know one other or not and so the world runs. We all spend so much time helping people, birds, animals, living creatures directly or indirectly in our day-to-day life. And this is called ‘LOVE’ that beautiful gift god gives to us.

But in our busy schedule of earning and participating in life we forget ourselves and take care of our own soul. Only runs in earn name, fame, money and doing responsibilities .we haven’t time to see self in a mirror, introspect ourselves what done today and even where our health condition is. Always search one thing then next thing then next……… and this cycle never stops in our life. We are not satisfied in our life ,not even a single day of happiness and relaxation .

Its also now time demands to live a robotic life , one who is slow is left behind .But in our busy schedule if we even take care of small  things we and our loved ones also feel better and can lead a more satisfactory life then before……

And this are called self love

How find time for self love ??

 We can find time for ourselves even a half hour daily.

Can extend from person to person as time in 24-hr. It can change life miraculously and give calm, greater positivity and satisfaction in life. In this time we can do our hobby or beauty care or any loving work

Method for self Love in a busy schedule

– Learning new skills in areas of cooking, designing, IT or other interest point of view.

-Going for a walk, jogging, running for fitness……..

-Make your favorite tea and enjoy walking in a garden and calm yourself 

-Care your skin, body, face on a daily basis…

-Do any volunteer work if you enjoy and like to do selfless service.

– Grow your spiritual knowledge by reading high vibes books, audio, YouTube videos , blogs related to it.

There are enormous of works depends what your soul passionate to do and enjoy. Search for your hobby or passion . One can get help from 

A Japanese technique ‘IKIGAI’ to know passion.


-Give all answers and find your passion

Results of lack of self love

 1. In a relationship with a lack of self love one needs justification from the other partner if he/she looks good or not . If full of self love one is satisfied by own look or at least not disturbed if others do not complement it for beauty.

2. Emotionally dependency on other partners, mainly female to fulfill her lack of self love in emotions should be fulfilled by husband/ bf/ family/other while a person full of self love not hurt by other behavior and their key of emotional state in their own hand. 

3.Inferiority complex since they do not accept themselves as they are .

4.Sacrifice their own happiness because of other matters. A balanced situation is good. You also deserve to be happy.

5.Chasing others mainly in love relationships to fulfill the emptiness of love from outside.

6. Not work on their financial side even know the skills and want to do it.

7. Always choose other happiness before self and give priority to others.

8. Not working on self growth , soul growth and gaining high vibes wisdom in life. Our souls are always urged to meet with the divine ,without wisdom not possible.

9. Not enjoying life, going outdoors, shopping, outstation.

10. Not maintaining healthy boundaries in mainly relationships and adjust with torturous life fear to stand for self or emotionally dependent .Sometimes emotions is so much overwhelmed so that can’t understand between love and torture.

A person in self love / Benefits of self love

-Enjoy their life

-Have healthy boundaries in relationships and respect for others also.

-Give space in relationships

-Make their 24-hour beautiful and fulfilling

– Emotionally dependent, financially independent, physically independent.

-Satisfied with their life, not blame even to Divine.

-Happy self and if possible environment too.

Work on self soul growth and gain spiritual wisdom.

-Not chase anyone even in love , love starts to chase them.

Thankful for everything in life.

-Work hard to improve more.

 -Take care of your physical health. Try to do an annual health checkup also

at a private or government center as you find good for you.

There are spiritual ways also.

Spiritual ways to tap in self love-

1.Work on your heart chakra. Daily 5 min enough to hear or chant. Mantra is ‘YAM’.

2. Work on Balancing shiv-shakti within you. We are masculine and feminine traits .Many YouTube videos available

regarding this. Hear or chant 5-10 min mantra help.

Life moves 360 degree when you balance it.

Life is to Live not to adjust or load it.

Self Love Affirmations

Also some” self love affirmations” here one can say with heart and see change

in life. Affirmations directly work on the subconscious mind .

It is a very effective tool.

1. I am full of self love

2. I am full of unconditional love

3.Life loves me.

4. I Love my life.

5. My all relationships are healthy.

6. I am satisfied with my 24-hour routine.

7. I am financially balanced.

8. I am mentally relaxed.

9. I am emotionally independent.

10.I, Soul , growing in the wisdom of the divine.

Since we are energy vibrating and sending our energy every moment in the universe and high vibration is a good state. And Self love is a high vibration state also means it’s easy to live in high vibes and a fulfilling life .And manifestation also possible in high vibes only.

Self love is a Beautiful experience. Without self love one can’t tap into the state of unconditional love.

A Beautiful saying also “ If your bottle is full then you can share ”

means if your life is full of self love then you can love others unconditionally.

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