Rigveda summary -Teachings from Rigveda in sukta 1 and 2


Have you read any Spiritual Books???

 I come back to you with a series of  Teachings of Spiritual Books.

This Blog is related to The  Great Book “RIGVEDAS”


“RIGVEDA” is a great and huge book. It is the earliest of the four Vedas and one of important texts of Hindu  tradition. It has a large  collection of hymns having God praise, teachings and sanskaras. Here different Hindu gods and  goddesses are praised in the form of changings. It is written by Vedvyasa in Vedic Sanskrit.
The Rigveda has 1028 mantras organized into ten books called Mandalas.
The main teachings from this book is that God is the ultimate supreme power, We pray to them in different forms according to faith and beliefs .
Since this book is a big one, it is not possible to deliver all its teachings in a single blog.  
so I make a series of RIGVEDAS.

Here I write about only teachings ,so here only there are spiritual lessons of the whole book. 
If you desire to read it, buy it..
         Let’s start….


Let’s start the

learning and teaching in suktas -1.


The very first lesson is “RESPECT“. Respect all people around you either small ,big, child ,anyone from inside like you want for yourself from others. 

“As what you reflect ,you get”

It is a universal law.


The second thing is “QUALITY. Worship is not about quantity, it’s about quality. May you only pray for 5 minutes but that time you must connected to God is key.

Pray with pure heart like a child as they all know only your feelings matter.


The third one is “EQUALITY“. For God all are equal ,no big nor small ,not rich nor poor. Likewise, feel you all around you like no discrimination for others in any matter, feel the eternal love for each other as we all are souls-child of God come to play our part and learn & teach each other, Grow in life together by helping one another not compete to each other.

Also God only wants love not things so next time go to worship with surely a heart full of love and devotion for god and also people around you, may materials.
These teachings I find in suktas-1 for Rigveda.
The teachings in       


Stay connected with me,……


The one important learning here is “PURITY” .Karma is important

but pure karma is much more important. Means if we mix karma with dharma it becomes pure and divine.
  work with responsibility not a duty.
– loyal and love to work (Tip : Do which we enjoy ).




It is not necessary to treat  good friends and family only.
Friendship means to help others and spend good time with .Also no one is intelligent and wise from birth. Everyone should and have to make their life skillful as time passes .Learning has no end and we have to upgrade ourselves from time to time in spiritual as well as materialistic life.


Read or hear spiritual items to Increase your awareness.

– upgrade your materialistic life in all forms of abundance by knowledge of share market, money multiply ways ,new computer or other skills or open new business. 

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